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Community Management

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  • Easy communication between residents and main gate.
  • Authorized entry of visitors guests and delivery executives.
  • Daily staff attendance with entry and exit notifications.
  • Notice board for community notice updates.
  • Community help desk and emergency contact numbers.


Visitors Management

Whether you are at home or somewhere out; unexpected guests
and unauthorised visitors are always a cause for concern. The
ohhpro junction app simplifies communication between residents
and the main gate as it is accessible from anywhere.

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Daily Staff Management

So many people work in your community on everyday basis such as maid, driver, plumber, gardener etc. Managing their entire information database and checking their daily entries could be a bothersome task. Now you can keep a track of their information using ohhpro junction app.

Delivery Management

Ohhpro junction app ensures smooth and secure deliveries by validating delivery executives, entering your community. It is a simple process for hassle-free deliveries, while maintaining the security of the community and it’s residents.

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Notice Board

Managing an entire community and its issues can be very time consuming. Ohhpro junction app makes it easy for all residents and committee members by providing them with a single notice board; where they can manage society notice updates, daily staff attendance and other community related matters with real-time updates.

Community Help Desk

Get all necessary info and important numbers of your community, with the help of community help desk. From residential info to committee members details, from daily help numbers to nearby emergency contacts. Now you can access it all easily through your community helpdesk available in the app.

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Ohhpro Junction is a community management app that helps to manage security needs of gated communities like entry and exit of visitors, daily staff and delivery personnel. It also helps in managing gated community needs like notice updates, management problems, emergency contact numbers and more.
The app is available for download from the Google Play Store. But to be able to fully utilize and experience its benefits, the management committee of your society needs to sign up with us. The app is available on Android
All services provided by Ohhpro Junction App like onboarding, deployment and post-installation services are covered in the demo, on request.
There are no hidden charges. Only the management committee of your gated community needs to subscribe for Ohhpro Junction services; the app is absolutely free to use for the residents.
The entire process, including the functionality of the app and database creation, takes a week to complete.
The app is very simple to use, and with some assistance, anyone can use the app with ease.
If there is any requirement, the management committee can view data up to 2 months through the dashboard. By default, the data is not available for viewing by everyone.
Yes. The guard is required to collect details from everyone who is entering the premises.
You can raise a request through the ohhpro junction app prior to their visit. An OTP and QR code is triggered to the visitor, which they can then provide to the security and enter the premises, without waiting for approval from you.
If you haven’t raised an invite, your guest will have to give their details to the guard who will update it in the app and raise a request for you to approve. On accepting the invite, your guest can enter the premises.
If you aren’t home, you will still get a notification on your app. The guards can always inform the visitor if their request to enter the premises has been accepted or declined.
Since you will get to know exactly when the staff has entered the premises, there is no scope of missing out on the entry. You can follow up on their absence if they skip coming to your house.
The delivery personnel are stopped by the guards at the gate. You need not have to tell the delivery person about the guards or the app protocol.
The residents who move out of the premises are removed from the system and cannot access the premises after removal.

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