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Gardener Services

Want to enhance the aesthetic value of your house or office garden? Login to Ohhpro service to hire a professional gardener now. Its disheartening to see a withered plant and dead leaves after you were busy typing out codes or busy being a home maker. Gardening needs skills and persistant care to bloom to its full beauty, and provide you with more oxygen, Ohhpro brings you an easy way to revive your garden in just a click.Go Green.

Cooking Services

Busy working or Couldn’t cook? Hire a cook for just Rs 99/hr. Treat your taste buds and relax yourself with a flavourful meal. Ohhpro provides you various options for cooks with a wide array of cuisines and options. Whether, its a party, function, daily household cook or a commercial chef, book a cook now who is apt in multi tasking and deft in moving around your kitchen to serve you a delightful platter.

Child Care Services

Every parent aims at providing the best to their children and Ohhpro supports you in your belief. We aim to connect you with the best of child care services with high quality standards to ensure the safety and knowledgeable growth of the child. These professionals are skilled enough to ensure safety, plan daily schedule, prepare a healthy meal, play and learn with your kid with utmost empathy and love.

Driving Services

The moment we plan a trip all we think about is a nice driver. Ohhpro offers you a platform to hire skilled drivers who can gear up for a long or a short trip planned at your convenience. Tuck in your seat belts and enjoy the landscape while he steers you through the traffic into the countryside. Enjoy and Sleep like a baby.

Pet Care Services

Our love for fur babies can be unbounded but our absence is inevitable at times. Through Ohhpro services of hiring professionals, find the support you always needed to pamper your pooches with. A playdate, sleepover, holidays, training or a visit to the vet doctor, hire a Petsitter through Ohhpro services and stay relaxed through your trip, work or emergencies.

Senior Care Services

We always wish to be with our parents and grandparents to support them through their old age but emergencies are inexorable in our daily lives and providing attention to them is equally necessary. While you are busy touring, incessantly typing codes or just not available for any reason, hire Ohhpro Services, to help them the best senior care for elderly people from trained carers who are able to comprehend their needs and will assist them with mobility, companionship, meal preparation, medication, grooming, and other tasks.

Housekeeping Services

Despite your best efforts, due to your busy work schedule, certain areas and corners of your house and office continue to go unclean. We are pleased to provide you a platform where you can access the top cleaning services for apartment buildings and office buildings in the city. We offer the ideal cleaning solution for you, whether you need hourly or monthly service, thanks to Ohhpro's ability to connect you with the top cleaning specialists in your neighbourhood.

Prist Services

Nowadays,Our work keeps us busy enough to limit us to our homes. Moving out and looking for a priest is quite a task these days. We have absolute faith in God, enough to understand the need of a professional, experienced and knowledgeable Panditji. May it be, pooja, hawans, karma pooja or last rites, We assist you to reach out to the perfect Purohitji just on time.

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