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Office Management

  • Benifits

  • Single secured entryway access to multiple offices within the perimeter of the complex.
  • Authorized entry of visitors and delivery executives.
  • Database of daily staff.
  • Notice board for office updates.
  • Front desk and emergency contact numbers.


Visitor Management

Thanks to the Ohhpro Junction App, now Multiple office complexes located inside the same compound can all be accessed through a single, secure entryway. It permits guests, visitors, and delivery personnel with proper entry credentials and valid information details to enter your office. All the movements In/Out the campus is recorded to ensure security and track movements.

Check-in process

Allows visitors to check in upon arrival.

Visitor registration

The system enables receptionists to register visitors

Visitor tracking and reporting

The system maintains a log of visitor arrivals, departures, and their activities within the organization

Daily Staff Management

An Office employs a large number of individuals for daily activities like, housekeeping, front office personnal, electricians, plumbers, and many more. Ohhpro Junction App offers you a single window with interactive user interface to track and record it in a snap. Manage their salaries, leaves, shift type, special benefits and much more.

Attendance tracking

Monitoring staff attendance & recording clock-in and clock-out times

Task assignments

Assigning specific tasks to individual staff members based on their skills and availability

Payroll Management

Manage the staff salaries,benefits and deduction timely collaborate with the payroll department.

Notice Board

There are several issues and events happening in a society which needs to be informed to the residents and the users. In a physical notice board we might overlook some intimations and announcements but Ohhpro’s notice board ensures a push notification everytime there is an update along with real-time updates on the same. So, No Miss-outs now.

Information dissemination

The notice board share important announcements, updates, policies, and procedures with all employees

Updates and changes

It allows management to communicate any changes in office policies, procedures in a transparent and efficient manner.

Professional opportunities

Job postings, internal job transfers,career advancement opportunities can be displayed on the notice board.

Reception Desk

With the aid of the community support desk, manage your office with just a touch. Information about the committee members contact details, office information, maintenance contact details,and neighbouring emergency contacts, find everything on the Rec Desk feature in the app.

Welcoming area

The reception desk provides a designated space where visitors can approach and be greeted by a receptionist or staff member.


The desk itself is a workspace for the receptionist or staff member responsible for managing the reception area.

Branding and aesthetics

The design of the reception desk can reflect the organization's branding and overall aesthetic.

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