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Maintainence Collection :

Ohhpro Junction, A complete ERP Solution helps you record, track, report, summarize maintainence details categorically as per flat, blocks, assets, facilities and much more. It calculates total maintainence amounts to residents, their dues and overdues, penalties and advance payments.

Total Coverage

Automation to control commercial properties by tracking their payments and usage

Automated Reminders

Automate reminders on due dates, overdue payments, outstanding amounts, confirmation on advance payments and many more

Improved Efficiency

The automation helps save us time and improves the efficiency by managing automation, and concluding with closures.

Automated Vendor Payment Tracking

Ohhpro Junction is empowered as a powerful ERP Suite to provide a single platform to manage different Vendors/ Suppliers as per purpose, and plan and monitor their incorporation, Compliance, Procurement to Settlement, Invoicing, Quality analysis, Accounts Receivable and much more.


Improved and hassle free processes encourage vendor loyalty increasing the service quality.

Reduce Errors

Automated Vendor Payment and Tracking can help reduce Errors by eliminating the need for manual data Entry.

Improves quality

Improve the quality of the vendors with quick information, track records and automated Payments.

Inventory Manangement

Keep a hawk eye on the the stock piles and update their location and replenish prior to requirement. Manage their procurement to settlement and calculate quantity and charges as per the stock. Prepare invoices and settle payment from the automated payments.

Hassle-Free Business

Easy automation to track usage, quantity and frequency

Process Oriented

Automates the process for smooth operations from requirement to payment and again tracks availability hence encouraging smooth functionality.

Methodized Compilation

Easy to access the location, usage, requirement and fufillment due to compiled information.

Asset Management

Manage and book amenities community hall, activities in sports complex, library, gymnasium with instructor etc in just a click. Calculate and settle payments with easy payment options.

Ease of Use

Advance booking made easier to avoid last-minute cancellations.

Freedom of choice

Choose your options with all the description and latest information on the new introductions. Well Categorised build for comfort.

Online Payment System

Leverage the ease of payments through UPI, BHIM, Credit Card, Debit card, Net banking etc.

Transparent General Ledger

Manage Ledger and Trial Balance with automated entries. Customize invoices and categories. Prepare balance sheet of all the entries, income and expenses, the petty cashes, sundry expenses and much more. Generate reports on outstanding payments and excess money received


Automated billing system helps in maintaining clarity

Improved Decision making

The factual analysis helps to gain better insight on the financial performance leading to improved decision making.

Improved Accuracy

Customized GL, TB, BS, P&L statement ensures the financial records maintain accuracy and closure.

Tax Calculation, Financial Analytics.

Calculate and generate reports on GST paid for all the transactions made. Maintain invoices with GST of different items. Generate TDS reports.

Efficient Cash Management

Summarize the P/ L statement to benefit for efficient use of Cash for future financial goals.

Comprehensive Insights

Helps monitor the sales and expenses in detail to prevent losses and plan the profits.


Automation helps in accurate inputs and management maintaining transparency.

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