How to start an online store?

Create an online store with a leading E-Commerce platform

Launch, run, and scale your online store with an eCommerce website builder and advanced business features. Sell online with a professional online store.

Follow these 7 steps to create an online store:
  1. Pick your eCommerce website builder
  2. Customize your online store design
  3. Add products to your inventory
  4. Connect a payment gateway
  5. Set up shipping and delivery options
  6. Launch your online store
  7. Publish your eCommerce website and start selling
Launch your E-Commerce Website
OhhPro erp in operations management

Create your online store from the beginning with effective OhhPro Merchant tool that will help you build a successful business online.
Create online store: Select the right template for your eCommerce store that suits your store theme and ideas. Customize everything from storefront to checkout, showcase product pages, cart, and other areas.
Set up the business: Offer up to 10,000 products in your online store. Manage your own inventory and source from suppliers you work with. Define return policies, delivery options, automate transactions and taxes for every sale.
Build your brand: Shape your brand how you envision it. Make effective promotions, and extend your brand name. Amplify your online presence and get recognized with a customized domain name.
Generate Revenue: Start taking secure payments online. Connect through our payment solution, chosen from a global network of payment providers, ensuring all major credit card commerce, net banking and other methods.

Sell better online via various medium

Extend your commercial reach with multichannel sales, and grow your product offering with drop shipping and on-time-demand.

OhhPro erp in operations management

Market your products: List and sell your products on multiple social channels Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Amazon shops, etc. Manage everything from your Ohhpro Merchant dashboard online and mobile storefronts.
Offer engaging deals: Build recurring revenue with daily, weekly or monthly orders and delight customers with curated, profitable offer deals. Expand your offerings and increase your revenue without the hassle of managing inventory, fulfilment, or shipping.
Make your business online: Grow your business by shifting your bodily operation online. With your own eCommerce website, your business is open to a limitless new market, 24/7.

Manage your business from one dashboard 

Streamline your operation and run your business smoothly from a single, powerful OhhPro Merchant dashboard

OhhPro erp in operations management

Inventory and orders: Track and process all store orders with one dashboard, from purchase to delivery. Manage the complete store inventory, remove or add items to the catalogue, pick up, and delivery services etc.
Manage payments: Handle all your business transactions from one place with OhhPro Merchant. Instantly accept payments online and manage all transactions, refunds, and pay-outs from a dedicated dashboard.
Business insights: Form a business plan for your online store. An integrated analytics dashboard lets you review your sales success, focus your marketing efforts and create tailored business reports.
Operate remotely: Manage your site smoothly with the OhhPro Merchant App, 24/7 and run your business from anywhere. Add new products, track your inventory, fulfil or cancel orders, send invoices, and more.

Grow your business online

Target the right consumers and improve your eCommerce marketing strategy with a Ohhpro Merchant professional marketing platform.

Be available online: Drive traffic to your store from search engines like Google. Create an SEO-optimized, multilingual storefront and display prices to customers, apply the same logic across product pages to save time and rank on search result pages. 
Reach new customers: Open your business to a global audience. Advertise your products with automated social media ad campaigns and let OhhPro handle the rest. Your ads will continually optimize over time.
Increase sales: Promote your business with built-in marketing tools like email marketing campaigns, promotional videos, original or readymade social posts, abandoned cart automation, and more.

 OhhPro top erp software
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Create, Setup, and Launch a Profitable Online Store with Ohhpro Merchant eCommerce platform.

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